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Pachanga Question

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I have purchased a 1987 Pachanga 22. I picked it up in a low altitude state and it ran 63 on the speedometer with a 23 pitch prop.
I got it home and took it out on the neighborhood lake at 6000 ft elevation and it wouldn't come out of the water.
I live in a small town so I took it over to the largest boat shop we have an they told me I have a low altitude prop and I need a 20 degree prop.
Long story short... I did 57 mph at 4700 rpm with the 20 degree prop.

Am I stuck going 57 mph with my Pachanga? Or can I do something else to increase my top end speed?


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I would think jets in the carbs would be a better way to compensate for the air change...prop swap may still be needed, but should be able to gain some back.
I would think the BBC would spin a 23p no problem. also I wouldn't trust the speedo. I'm with RSCHAP I would think your carb would be the culprit more then your prop. p.s. nice pachanga, I'm not sure, but I think I've seen that one somewhere :bigsmile:
The carb is a new edelbrock.... I will contact the manufacture and see what they recommend for this altitude.

You may have seen the Pachanga on Speedwake's classifieds.

Thank you for your help...... I will start with the carb before buying a new prop.

Thank you
I have the edelbrock as well on my SBC. In the instructions and tuning manual there is a section on high altitude use. Remember its not going to be as fast no matter what you do. Theres an article in hotboat this month about a guy with a merc bbc and a blower. Mercruiser just told him to run more boost to compensate.
WOW!!! nice boat, i had one just like it once :D
FYI.. the pachanga went from 900 ft elevation to 6100 ft elevation
Hello Dennis,
Again I want to thank you for making the purchase a joy.... As you can see.... The very next day we had the boat on the lake....
We pulled the girls on a tube.... They loved it....

Attached are some photos.

If your ever in Farmington, your always welcome at our home.

Rocky and Kelli


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The girls are having a blast....

Thank you....


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Thanks Rocky...and you know you guys are always welcome here too. I,m glad to see the girls are enjoying there new boat . That just makes my day. Sea Ya
New boat $xxxx
Taking those girls tubing...priceless
When it's the middle of winter and I get to look at pics of my (almost)9 year old son jet skiing or tubing, it sure makes everything better!!
Pachanga prop changes at altitude

FWIW, when I take my p-22 from the bay area up to lake tahoe, I swap out my 23" bravo 1 stainless for a 20" intimidator 4 blade, or I can't get out of the water even with a custom racer built HP 500 MPI. I also lose about 10mph of top end at the same rpm's as sea level. Average elevation of lake tahoe's surface is 6,225'. So I'd expect you'll have to swap out the prop and you'll see the boat respond similarly to mine.
Stronsides dead right, you lose a lot more then you think on elevation.
If you can find BIGGUS on this board, he has two of these boats and has spent alot of time setting up the 22 PACHANGAS .
Higher altitude means a less dense mixture... You can't really fix it without going to forced induction.

Just enjoy it.

Those pics are priceless! I hope to get some of the same with my boys where they're a little older!
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