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People boating?

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How many people are boating? I was out yesterday for a couple of hours and saw nobody. My friend was out today and only saw 4 boats. The marinas around here are empty and there are no boats on the water. We all figured we would go out and just hang out instead of run like nuts but there is nobody doing that.
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I haven't yet :rolleyes:
same here locally, most of hte marina's look like ghost towns, the ramps are half full at best. I don't know if it is just because it is early, add gas, add the economy, and well there you have it.
I, mostly am low on time really. The kids are getting to be at the age where they have alot on thier plate, which puts alot on my plate. Spent today at the motocross track.
Our local Sunday paper had a story on the front page entitled "Broke on the water". Basically it said the same thing , empty marinas , half empty lots at ramps and the boats that are in the water aren't leaving the docks.
Gas and the economy in general must hitting home :(
I figured it has to be gas; the economy; and bad weather
we went out again tonight screw it lol actually a freind was up from Florida took her out otherwise I wouldnt have, on another note at are marina were having a great year for slip rentals I figure everyone plans on partying at the dock, we are pretty packed for the year
We just got back from the lake. Memorial Weekend was pretty busy but this weekend was dead. A few here and there but nothing like it used to be. Even the coves and party spots were empty. It didn't stop us from boating all weekend.
I was just out on L.Erie today off of Cleveland. Beautiful day but not many boats. I wasnt in the mood to trailer the boat down so we went out with my mom and dad on their SeaRay. Basically just layed around. We saw only about 4 go fast boats out there. As for their marina, they used to have a lottery to get in. About 100 people went in for it. This year they have 40 openings they cant fill :eek:
WOW, I ve been boating almost every weekend for about month and a half. The marinas are pretty full too. Went out today beautiful weather river was loaded. I do notice everyones going a little slower these days to save gas.


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Nope. Not so far and not looking too good for us. We have a baby due next week and nothing has worked the way we had originally hoped.

I will say, the boating here appears to be as much as before on weekends...maybe just a tiny bit less, but not much. The Tides Inn really brings boaters from all over. :angry1: (that's not necessarily a good thing). :rolleyes:
We've been out in ours but tomorrow morning Mrs. Ghart is having surgery on her foot. She'll be out of commission with a surgical boot for 3 weeks, which means the boat will be an ornament out on the lift until she feels up to going out!

The boat activity on Middle River at the Chesapeake Bay, our vantage point from the house, has been active but mostly big cruisers, small center consoles and lots of sail boats.

It has been rare to hear the sound of a performance boat this year.
Our lake is slightly slow so far. around here the weather has just finally started warming. Seems a few weeks later than usual. We spent our first day yesterday. Weather, baby being due this week also, got us off to a slow/late start. Remodeling for the new lil' girl and her big brother. When it warms I doubt it will be much slower. Maybe different crowd, but a crowd none the less...? My guess
I think it's a combination of things. The weather in the Chesapeake area has been flakey. The water is still pretty chilly. We had t-storms sat and sun this weekend.
Yes,I was thinking the same thing. I had to work back 12 this weekend so when i got home i jumped on the bike and headed down to northeast MD for a ride. Stopped at Anchor marina and only saw 2 performance boats in the water ( Links OL and Carters Formula) also saw pantera ricks trailer. Other than that pretty slow. Thats the last weekend i work till september so i'll be out except for family functions. Curt
our local paper just ran a story on the front page about this very topic! it mentioned registration for canoes, paddleboats, and kayak's has risen 29% in the last 2 years :laugher:

I've only been out once so far, but that's more me being too busy then anything else. as far as gas prices go...for the first time I'm happy I went SBC over the BBC.
Nuttin yet, but then again I would have to paddle my boat right now....

This pic was taken April 21st! Been boating for a month and a half already!


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We have been out 3 times this year. Mostly 1/2 day outings and one Poker Run on Smith Mt. Lake. Hopefully hitting another Local lake event this weekend at Lake Anna (If I can get out of my little cousins graduation party) Gas is expensive but that's nothing compared to the wrath of the family if I pull a no show :dead: :laugher:
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