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Pesky Oil Leak 502 MPI

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Thought I had a thread about my year long fight to fix
an oil leak coming from the front of my engine. Went
through all the simple things like replacing the front
seal, trying a speedy fit, tightening pan bolts, and
putting goop on the "keyway" components. The leak
got worse each time. So fast forward 7 months and
low and behold we have a winner. Bad timing chain
cover. Someone damaged it and put it back together
using some kind of sealer. Changed this out and the
pan gasket along with my other oil system mods,
(in my other posts), so I hope We are good to go!!!


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One of the best advice suggestions I ever got was assemble pan, timing cover, intake gaskets, carb gaskets.....ETC.

Leave the project sit overnight before putting in oil, gas, trying anything.

Let the gaskets shift and adhere to the metals that they are sealing for X XX hours before trying to get them to perform their function.

I rode Harleys for years and MIne did not leak. I don't care what some say about Harleys. They ALL DON'T leak :laugher:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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