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plesae read.. I need help regarding reverse..

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I am having issues getting my boat to go into reverese.. it is fine going into drive.. and boots along no issues..
So I am at my dock.. I put the shifter into neutrual then into reverese but it sounds liek the gears are not meshing and the boat does not move.. engine revs and so on as I apply more pressure...then it sort of catches.. but then doesnt....

If anyone can shed some light on this....

what puzzles me is that the boat runs great.. travels fine in the fwd position..goes into gear no problem...

:confused: :confused:
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I am far from positive but possibly a spun coupler.
1986 OMC cobra drive..
I had the drive inspected in the fall,, replaced Gimble and checked alignment ad replaced u joint as well..
I would bet it is a simple adjustment on your shift cable. Had a 1988 Four Winns Sundowner with an OMC Cobra and it was finicky in this regard. A small adjustment would make a huge difference. If you went too far, you lost forward gear.
does anyone know that simple adjustment..??
I can sure use the help..
There is a barrel bolt at the end of the shift cable. What I did was move it slowly in one direction until I started to loose whatever gear that direction led to. Then, reverse the adjustment until you get that gear back and still keep the other in sync. It is not a black and white thing and I found you had to make small, incremental adjustments or you would go too far. Hope this helps.
I have a mercruiser bravo 1 but when I changed the shifter/throttle controls I had the same type of problem. Forward was fine but reverse was very slow to engage and sometimes nothing(made it interesting docking sometimes!!). I adjusted the shifter cable and no problems since. I do agree that a little at a time. I found it did not take much adjustment to make a huge change. I am betting thats your problem, but I have no experience with the OMC drives.
ok guys this will be a long post....just follow me. there is a simple way to set true neutral on ANY cable operated stern drive, regaurdless of manufacturer. this is the procedure. this can de done on the hose or in water(on the hose is better). disconnect the shifter cable doing to the drive and remove it from the holder so it is free. make sure it moves freely with no binding, it should move by hand until you feel it trying to shift into gear with easy effort. if not cable replacement will be required be for proceeding. next slide the cable both directions full travel to find the spot where it trys to engage, now comes the hard part. visually set it to the middle of the travel between forward and reverse engagement positions. hook up the hose and start the engine. if you hear clicking move the cable slightly until the clicking goes away. you will need a steel ruler to proceed from this point. place the steel ruler against the barrel adjuster on the cable and note the reading at the base of the slider(all cables are different find a refference point). now move the cable one direction SlOWLY until you hear the drive trying to engage(clicking), note the measurement, now move it the other direction until you get the same results. now split the distantce traveled on the ruler to the middle using the same reference point, move the cable to this point.THIS IS NOW TRUE NEUTRAL at this point DO NOT MOVE THE CABLE AGAIN. shut off engine .now, adjust the barrell adjuster to fit back into the holder without moving the cable. it ray take a few rounds to get it right but this is the best way to get it right. I have found it is very east ti put a mark on the slider housing with a permanant marker after the adjustment to have a reference mark as to where to adjust. if shifting is still an issue only one or two turns on the barrell at a time to get where you need to be to obtain full engagement.
hope this helps.
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