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Ok here are the facts. I am accused of being a posting who*e
I average 14.67 posts a day. Now I know to some people that seems like alot.

Now take a look at obnoxus profile.
He became a member not even 2 days ago and has managed to rack up (to the Time of me making this thread) 27.38 posts a day.
I realize most are nothing more than smiles,but damn if I,m a who*e he,s a SLUT. He even worried about his numbers.
Dennis don't worry,as always I soon will be following you.

oops,almost forgot to post one of those smilie thingies:D

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I only have 7.34 posts a day. Way behind you guys. :D
:gunner: :dead:

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I don't stand a chance with you 2 guys around:laugher: :laugher: you 2 are the post ho supreme O's if ever I saw any...
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