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Prop Science

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Ok for the guys that know whats up with props. I had a 26x18 4 blade clever. That needs welded,it has a crack at the back of one of the blades in 1/2". is this worth fixing or what? its an older prop. Also i'm trying out 4 of the props i bought over the winter.the 26x17.5 was on the limiter(5800) with 5 people on the boat last week so this week i'm trying the 28x18. How much differance should i see? Also i have a 4 blade hoss round ear thats 28x16.5 but several people said i would not get on plane due to the diameter( i have a single 32 velocity with #5 drive and 1"spacer). Thanks for any input. Curt
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I think you should stick with that prop bro! It gives me an advantage!! :winker:
It also has a fairly high "X Demension". Here is a pic if it helps anyone!


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Well Back from another test and tune day. And i must say Julie was right about 600 RPM's. Between the 26x17.5 and the 28x18 . I just figured at least one or two of you would have an opinion. She got back to me on one of those other sites. Thanks Julie
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