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Pulled An All Nighter

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Work that is. Last night we had a damaged line that was ripped out of a manhole, me and another tech got there around 2pm and didn't finish the job until 8 this morning. I have plans to go boating seeing how it going to be 93 and sunny. My wifes getting ready right now so I'm trying to keep myself occupied until she's ready. Cause once I get on the boat I'll be out like a light. A good 4-5 hour nap and all be ready.

Anyone ever pull a all nighter at work and have something planned the next day that doesn't let get any sleep.
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yea and i felt worse after a nap :laugher: don't be a woose stay up :laugher: :laugher:
I've done that more times that I could count some years ago, but I was used to it, double shifts + 2 hrs worth of driving per day, I was lucky to get 3 hrs of sleep, then when I came home sat. morning I worked around the yard or whatever needed to be done until the evening, cooked dinner on the grill, poured a drink, ate, then turn on the TV, relaxed and promptly zonked out...
The trick is don't sit down to relax, no alcohol, and stay busy... I would feel more tired if I had a nap, than not.
I worked 12m to 8 am for 13 years. I know all about it :eek:
It's pretty common for me to leave at 3am to drive to Pittsburgh (our HQ).
Work all day, drive back - get in around 11pm and then do all my local crap before leaving for the Bay.
You get used to it. I'd rather do that than miss a day on the bay!
Once we're anchored up - I have one drink and a long nap while others play !
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