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Did you ever hear that Offshore Racing Boats, are better than women ???

Well, I'm not sure if it is true, but here are some very compelling reasons why they might be;

Race boats don’t have parents.
You can share your boat with friends.
If your boat makes to much noise, you can by a muffler for it.
You can ride in your boat anytime of the month.
If you boat smokes you can do something about it.
Race boats don’t whine unless there really is something wrong.
Boats don’t care if when you’re through with them, you take a nap.
Race boats don’t care how many other boats you’ve been in.
If your boat is to loose, you can tighten it up.
Race boats don’t care if you look at "boat" magazines.
You can have a beer while riding in your boat. (After the race, of course)
Boats always feel like going for a ride.
You can have a black boat and show it to your parents.
Boats never insult your driving skills.
Your boat never wants a night out with other boats.
You don’t have to be jealous of the guy who works on your boat.
Boats don’t care if you’re late.
If your boat is late it is really no big deal, they can’t get pregnant.
You don’t have to deal with a priest or a blood test, to register your boat.
If you say bad things to your boat, you don’t have to apologize to it or buy it flowers before you can ride in it again.
You can drive your boat as long as you’d like and it will not get sore.
When riding in your boat, you both arrive at the same time.
Boats don’t have this "mysterious spot" that no one can find.
Boats don’t care if you don’t call the next day.
It’s always ok to use tie downs on your boat, and generally recommended.
You can’t get any STD’s from your boat or test driving other boats.
Boats have lots of curves, but they never sag.
When you’re finished with your boat, you can sell it and it’s still worth something.
You can control the speed of the boat and the time of its arrival.
And last but not least, they are always wet when it’s time to start…

But as we all know, women for many more reasons than this, are not replaceable. So, I'll just continue racing boats and searching...
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