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Does ANYONE have a fountain arch off of a 35 lightning or 40=42 lightning? Older style that arches BACKWARDS not forwards, the newer 42 and 47's that sweep forward have a curve in it and im not down with that.
Anyone please, Even a Baja arch off a 30=42 Baja ES or similar?
Fiberglass only please, Not intereste in a tubular type fishing arch that holds fishing rods.
Please guys, in need of some help. All the links from before are all dead and cant find anyone that has one but I have looked at thousands of Fountains online and I can honestly say about 3% of all of them have arches on them so people are taking them off in droves but where are they all going?
If ANYONE could help me out with a lead it would be greatly appreciated!!

PS IM REALLY kicking myself in the hump because I left my arch on my baja when I traded it in. That was the DUMBEST thing I have ever done, UGH im so pizzed at myself.
Yep, I have one, but it's in The Netherlands..
cheers, seb
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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