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Saw the boat again today !!!! It's back on the trailer, the bottom is done, and it looks awsome!!!! Better then new !!!!! Put a 6' straightedge on it,,,, not a speck of daylight,,,, edges arent as sharp as I would have liked to see them but what can you do????

The windshield is off of it, fixing a stresscrack from a pilot hole not being predrilled before windshield install, its ground out now, waiting for fill and gell coat. Then one more in the back from a snap that wasnt predrilled they havent started on yet, and I will have her back good as new !!!!!! not next week,,, but the week after,,,,,,,,,,sigh.

Now as long as its not a handling nightmare with the bottom done,,, all will be good in my world,,,, as long as the motor holds together this season !!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:
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