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Sunday we were rafting with about 20 boats at Lake Perry.

The TFLB crew, Funhome and crew, Gordo & H2o Cowgirl, 283Check and Mrs 283Check, Mickey Britain and Mick's Sungirl, Tan~kei and the Mrs., Liquid Lounge was about 2 klicks away and several more.

We looked over the jetty and saw a storm brewing in the south and thjought we should prolly head out soon. Well we waited prolly a little to long to break apart.

I left first and went around the jetty under the bridge and all's I saw was a wall of rain bearing down on me.....I knew we would be able to make a run for it so I went towards a small cove and luckily I had left my anchor attached to the front of the boatI threw it overboard just as the rain and the wind hit.

I went for my top but the wind was intense and me and Lake Chic could not handle it. I instructed her to get in the cuddy and I stayed out to make sure that we weren,t headed for the rocks. I had her put on a life jacket and had her hand me one ( this is a first). We were in a wind shear or a micro burst and I'm here to tell you this is as scared as I have ever been in a boat.

The lake looked like 4-6' rollers about 10' feet apart moving very fast with intense wind and raining so hard it stung during the shear. My wife said get in here and I told her that I couldn't because the anchor would not hold us in this wind, it just slowed us down. I had to make sure we didn't drift into the rocks.

On top of the bridge I had just went under, someone was towing a aprox 24" pontoon and the wind blew it off the trailer onto the bridge.

Once the wind had subsided a little we fought with the top....got some of it hooked up and held onto other parts.

I was very fortunate to have left my anchor hooked to the front (which I never do) that way my nose was into the wind had I just grabbed it and tied it on the rear or the side the wind would have surely put us in the rocks. It seemed like an hour but I'm sure it was all over in about 15 minutes.

The rest of the gang had stayed on the other side of thr jetty and it was no picnic but I think they got a break from the waves and some of the wind.

The moral of the story I guess is: allways respect mother nature.

I guess the man (or woman) upstairs
was looking out for us.

When it was all over, we wiped everything down wrung out the towels...opened a few boat pops and hung out for awhile.......everyone else loaded up and headed home, we had the lake to ourselves....it turned out good.

I'm ready to back!

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I was caught in a line squall like that once though not quite that severe. Really scary experience - gave me a new respect for what the lake could do.:eek:

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tflb: I, too was on the lake this weekend in KS. It's funny those clouds LOOK cool until they jump up and whip your country ass!!
We ran straight into the face of a cold front (while on ...cough....cough...jet skis) and froze our asses off until we got back to the dock. Luckily, in my part of the state, it's not too far to the other side of the lake.

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hombre,glad to hear you and Senorita Boat Chic made out ok.
I got caught in a storm last year and I was out alone. It was about 70-80 mph winds and I have no canvas. I managed to duck under a bridge where a barge had been tied off. I pulled up along side and held fast to the barge. All of a sudden,a gust of wind came and completely turned my boat in the opposite direction.Sucked big time.I tried going from bridge to bridge(about a mile apart)but I felt like I was getting stung by bees while someone was shooting BB's at me.

Well I managed to ride out the storm.When I got back to the launch,my wife was there crying her eyes out. Thought my ass got killed in the storm. After 25 years of marriage,she should know I'm to damn mean to die.....

Moral of the story:Always Respect Mother Nature.......and her bitch of a daughter too:D
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