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Rocksteady - Boat for sale Dubai???

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Hey Rocksteady, did you know that your boat is back up for sale?
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Yeah, there is another thread about it on here...
I thought that was about economic decay and W raping his people at the pump?
Rock Steady said:
Yeah, there is another thread about it on here...
Yeah, I saw that thread, its hardly about your boat, just crap about a Bayliner-who cares, and more political sh*t. Keep it here when talking about Scarabs I guess. BTW my P-38 originally was sold with a 220v/50 hz shorepower system for Israel. Here is a picture of the wall socket that came in the boat. I don't know if it ever went to Israel or not. The guy who originally owned it had a place in both Israel and Florida from what I understand. And even still had a Koran in the boat.....Mike


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Yeah that was an issue for the current owner, the shore power wouldn't work over there... There went about 1500 in parts out the window that I just put on there 2 years ago... Oh well I guess.
The boat market is down now especially with fuel prices. Sooooo, I bet you could pick up a boat for a good price about now. Of course saying that, get one located close to you so you don't have to pay shipping. C'mon, you know you want one.......
Your probably right, I am holding off till after the 1st of 2009 to buy though... I won't be able to go without it for too long. I was just out on a poker run last weekend, so at least I am getting my fix.
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