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Ship if finally done!

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Well as some of you know I have taken on a job in a marina as a boat painter. I have been ther for just over 3 months now and I love it there. When I walked in the door the 1st day, I was put on a complete paint project of a 53' Canoe Cove motor yacht. It was in primer when I 1st saw it. Well today it finally went in the water! I have many hours into this boat, and have alot more respect for the big cruisers.

Here is a pic of it in primer before all the fininsh sanding
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hull sanded and masked, on the trailer headed for the paint booth
Didn't get many shots along the way. here is one of the rear deck getting ready for some fresh paint
well anyways...it is done and in the water now. I am absolutely proud of this accomplishment. It looks SWEET!
Alot of work. Next one will be easier now :p:
I think I saw some orange peel. :laugher:

Looks great Norm! :D
What product did ya shoot?
Looks Awesome!!!!
What kind of paint did you spray ? Looks very good !

I`ll bet that cost more than a Earl Shieb $199 special !!! :laugher:
I would be interested in knowing about how much something like costs?? :confused:
Great job! :vcol: Did the owners do a complete overhaul of the boat (interior, etc.), or was it just repainted?
Andretti 502 said:
I am absolutely proud of this accomplishment.
And you should be..... looks like a new boat.... you'll always no that boat from a distance ;)
RSCHAP1 said:
What product did ya shoot?
Looks Awesome!!!!
Done with AwlGrip products. Awlgrip on the hull and AwlCraft on the rest.
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