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You BLOT that schit!
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Due to unfortunate events on Thursday, I am looking to get a Gen V 454 (92-96?) short block assembly. I have a single plane intake and some recent head work, so no need for anything more than the short.

From an hour or so of searching, I am coming up with a place in Patterson, NJ called Promar Engines. Time is of the essence, I am not looking to add anything HP wise or pull the other motor for any reason.

Anyone have a decent (reliable) source for a short block (soon)? As far as I know so far I will have a good core,.......nothing from the inside made it's way OUTside when it shut down.

With the help that I have de-rigging and assembling the motor, I am scared to tackle more than bolting up my intake, heads and other goodies and moving on with the summer. :(
1 - 3 of 3 Posts