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NO !
You're already known as Mr. Sunsation, and always telling us how much you love your boat. So I think if you buy a diff brand boat, you'll always be comparing it to what you had and then it'll be, "I should have bought the Sunsation". You know the saying, "been there, done that" ! Always safer to go with your first instinct and go with what you know best.
Nothing against the other brand boats, just my opinion after reading yours posts these last few months. :)
Heck, screw everybody up and buy a yacht ! :laugher:

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don't think I haven't looked at a few used 34' Sunseekers....

I'm just pulling your chain - guys!

Karen and I like to looks of Scarabs (especially 38 & 43) and I think they're great boats but I've been there and done that....

there's not another scarb in my future....

but here is the short list.

32 Sunsation Innovator
35 Fountain (classic w/race fairing)
358 Sonic
38 Cig Top Gun (must have full cabin)
33 Donzi Daytona
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