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Here's my favorite part:

I installed the Vortec flame arrestor and
CMI elbow tops last summer. Gained 3
MPH and 300 RPM. Plan on going to an
adjustable fuel pressure regulator and
reprogrammed ECU by Arizona Speed &
Marine so I can turn a Bravo 1 26 pitch
4 blade to 5,100 RPM (hope to anyway)
for 75 MPH.


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1boatnut said:
Nice, I see your running a 502. What the size and the speed now?
Right now, as it is in the photo with the
CMI headers etc., as of last week with
a Bravo 1 four-blade 26 prop, 69.7 on
GPS at 4,700 RPM. I am going to try and
increase the HP enough to get 5,100
RPM with the same prop. How much
HP does it take to gain 400 RPM? I'm
guessing 60 HP.

I decided against supercharging because
it is out of my budget to spend 8-10
thousand to gain 12 MPH! I'd rather do
it with raw cubic inches, normally
aspirated. Better heads, bigger cam etc.

Stock with a Mirage Plus 3 blade prop
it went 67 MPH at 4,800 RPM. With
that prop, 70 MPH at 5,200 hitting the
rev limiter. That is, with the CMI's and
Vortec flame arrestor installed.


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I wish it was mine :D :D :D Does that count?:laugher:

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NICE looking Baja.

Early last year I wanted to buy a yellow Scarab II with twin 525SC's but Karen wanted a boat with purple on it. There was a really hot Scarab II for sale in Flower Mound Texas that was perfect. I hated to pass on that one. IT would have meant NO MONTLY PAYMENT if I had bought that boat.

oh well...

"you live and spend"

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No that is not my boat, but I would love to have that. My outlaw is a 25 and has the graphics like the one in my avatar, but with red black and yellow. I still need to take some new pics, because I erased them all off my digital, hopefully get the pics done this week sometime.
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