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Dateline: Thursday June 20, 2002

Speedwake.com enters into agreement with H20Performance.com
for reciprocal marketing.

Today Speedwake.com THE High Performance Offshore Forum announced that it
had entered into a reciprocal marketing agreement with H2O Performance -

Jeff Jennings - Owner of Speedwake.com said "H20 Performance is the perfect
partner for Speedwake.com. H20 Performance offers features and benefits to
the High Performance Boating Enthusiast that Speedwake.com feels are not
only necessary but critical when establishing a high profile presence on the
Web. Combined, our sites give us an unparalleled capability to serve the
needs of the high performance boating public. We look forward to a long and
mutually beneficial relationship with H20 Performance."

Josh Stein - Director of Marketing for H20 Performance added "This partnership
reflects the premise of starting H20 Performance in the first place. The
objective is to build an online community where enthusiasts can congregate
and share in the excitement of the high performance boat industry. I am excited
about the opportunity to team up with Jeff and Speedwake.com. This partnership
will hopefully spark more opportunities for associations and organizations
to come together."


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I came up with this really cool way of randomly displaying the H2O or MitcherT logo...

When you come to the site, I ask a blond a simple question - it's the same question over and over again each time... If I get a different answer I display a different logo - that's why the logo keeps changing - haha!
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