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Does any one havew an opinion (foolish question!) on the Stingray 220 SX? Quality? Ride? Handling?

I am thinking about a boat around that size for my teenage son to run. He is very experienced, but he is still going to do some crazy stuff (like I did), so I want something fast, not too quirky to handle, and fairly high quality. He also wants to be able to ski, board, etc behind the boat (but do not need tournament grade).


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thecurti said:
I think it's a great boat. Very sturdy, well made, nice lines.
Buy him my 230sx 502mpi
I am looking for a boat like this, but I can only find SBC in the mid 20's that are clean, the BBC are all $30K and over.

I found an 84hr '03 with 350 Mag for mid 20's... very clean boat, is that still too much money?

Anyone know of one for sale at a good price? '02-05?

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well depending on where your boating they're nice, their Z plane hull design (I think that the name of it) is a very shallow deadrise that will beat the snot out of you in choppy conditions. as far as build quality and such they have a very loyal fan base that say good things so...that being said your a fairly odd parent to know your son is going to "do some crazy stuff" and then go ahead and give him the tools to do it with. ....sorry but you did ask for opinions :bigsmile:
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