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Ok explain this. I was just looking in one of my favorite places,the gallery:D and I couldn't help but notice some surprising numbers.

You have 269 pictures posted,and have used 9827.7kb of disc space

I have 228 pics posted(41 less) and I have used up 17,173.6kb of disc space:confused:

Thats 7907.9 higher for posting 41 less pictures. WTF am I posting bigger women than you?? I checked,didn't see any out of line tonnage on any of my girls. How you doing it??? It must be some photographers secret.;)

See what happens when I get un-busy. I find stupid chit like this:laugher:

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U must really be bored !!! :laugher:

I see where the diff is. Your enlarged pix are taking way more kb's than mine.
I bet you're not downsizing the photos from your dig. camera.
Ck Jeff's pix, same thing.
I store pix on another pc and downsize them for more room. Can always blow them up again later. I need to get a cd burner. :)
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