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Summer here

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Well after a busy week of work and the weather not being so great I hustled to get the boat ready. I know many of you have been out already, but sometimes you forget how good it feels to be back on the water. One you can see is the traffic is way down or people are just behind a little because of the weather. Only two small problems I need a new temp sensor and fuel seperator.

Have a great week end


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great look formula :D I have 89 242 ls
Glad to see you are in. Your boat is looking really nice.

I have to check and make sure my alternator is charging properly...my amps seem to be a little low - but there may be another issue involved.

Looking at your stern, my '87 seems to sit lower at the ***-end. But maybe that's only when I am on the boat... :laugher:


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58,I believe you are running and Alpha on yours, I was just wondering if your temp goes up after a run when you come down to an idle. Not many of us running BBC w/alphas.

Guys keep on putting up pics of your 242.
Since I've only had it on the local lakes (Portage Lakes) and not up on Erie yet, I haven't had a chance to run it too hard for any extended period. (the lakes are mostly no-wake, except for a few speed zones...and even then it's not easy to get it up to WOT)

But next time I get out I will try to check that out and let you know...
Glad to hear your in Masi. I finally made it too , Sunday. All went well except for low water pressure on the starboard engine :( . New hydraulic steering was GREAT.
Mo, good to see your out running again. I am learning a lot about motors over the past 17 years of boating, but nothing makes me more nervous than seeing the temp gauge go up. I can only assume thats what you are seeing. Remember your talking to people with little engines :D
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