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Hello Sunrunner owners, mine is a 1988 open bow approx 18.5 feet with a 350 chev. volvo 280 outdrive with 4" thru transom exhaust. Myself like alot of people here am looking for any info on this boat. Most interested if this boat "Really" does have all fiberglass stringers or is it hearsay. possibly someone that worked in assembly or knows someone that did- or a brochure that shows a diagram or breakdown.Also if this boat has foam under the floor. Its an excellent looking and condition boat and solid through the water upwards of 50mph But has always had a lean when underway downward on port side. moved batteries to starboard side and installed trim tabs made no difference. and i at 190 lbs steer on starboard side and have to have a passenger at about 150+ lbs. sit on the right bow also to run level. Thinking left side under floor could be water logged if foam? sorry for long story but not sure if i should spend more effort on this boat. Thanks
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