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Sunsation 288 for Sale

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Your humble forum slave has decided to move up. My 288 is for sale:


:) - jeff
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You're selling the Cobra too ?!?!?!?! This must mean you're getting a new bad toy ?

The Cobra was just sold!!!!!

oh yea....

big bad new toy? - OH YEA!
congrats on the sale Jeff !!!
Hopefully the new big bad toy is from the same Family?
I would hate to see you jump ship!
Mine is gonna b4 sale soon.
Gotta have a 32.
I'll be making a trip to Algonac Michigan the week after next to take the 32 Innovator out for a ride...


You sold the Cobra. WOW ........I thought that was your baby. You must really want an Innovator. The new owner is a lucky person, it is a beautiful car.
yea, I do want the Innovator and I want HP500 EFI's in it too....

everything is for sale to raise funds for the new boat....

- jeff
it is available again....
'so called' buyer got cold feet.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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