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Hello everyone! I've owned my aggressor for about 17 years but its been dormant for the past 6 since it needed an engine rebuild which unfortunately had to wait for other life priorities. I did however acquire a Gen. V 502 last year, dropped it in, and over the past few months I have been working to restore it to its formal glory or better. Recently I purchased a new raw water & fuel pump combo since the gen v no longer has provisions for a mechanical fuel pump. I also purchased all the new brackets and all in ended up being a pretty significant expense. Unfortunately there is no way to install this pump without modifying the floor and stringer (see pic) so I am hoping someone can send me a picture of a little newer aggressor that would have originally been equipped with a gen V BBC and this water/fuel pump setup so that I can get an idea on how the factory handled this change.

Thank you!



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