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Oh yeah!!! sarah rules!! she keeps dodging bullets and stays on though.....i would or (wood) keep her around.

that newyorker Rob or whatever is an idiot who thinks he's smart.....that makes him dangerous. That black dude cost them the reward challenge by not putting forth any effort. Those 2 idiots blew it when they kicked off hunter...they'll prolly starve now.

I hope Sarah does Playboy when the show is over......you know for the article that wood accompany those nasty pictures:D :D :D .

my future wife:

you know Gina is kind of a hottie too:

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Tanned fat, ROTFLMAO
dude,you are so right on all accounts
Gina,umm umm good
Kicking off hunter,bad move
black dude,you hit the nail on the head-he had my vote to get ousted

future wife, your killing me
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