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Team Peppers Energizes with Hazardous Fluids SportsDrink

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Hazardousfluids - Sportsdrink+


Conceived on the golden sands of Mills Beach, Mornington Australia, Hazardous Fluids is a specialist beverage company, focused on partnering athletes that view training as a lifestyle.

Company Vice President and Australian native, Damon Hill has long been associated with the motor and power sport industries and was aware of the need for an isotonic fluid, rich in ingredients that deliver nutrients to the body and not artificial energy. A few years ago it came to his attention that the unique performance requirements of these athletes had been overlooked by other sports drink manufacturers.

"To address the needs of professional athletes who function in extreme and dangerous conditions, we have designed a fluid which aims to support mental acuity, sensory control, system management and hydration", said Hill. A number of high profile athletes have published the challenge of dealing with pre-event adrenaline when composure is of high importance. "Our challenge was to design a range of specialist fluids which promote the natural assets of the body and allow the athlete to focus on the endurance task ahead", said Hill. These elements are crucial to ensure the highest level of athletic performance.
Hazardous Fluids resolved to engage one of Australia's most respected
beverage designers to establish the personality of the first product
offering. Sportsdrink+ Bodily Fluids was born. "Scientific research and a
number of unique ingredients allow our product to make the statement, not our advertisers", said Hill.

The Hazardous Fluids vision is simple, provide a range of premium products
that support the needs of athletes in all power, action and endurance sports
and support the "form follows function" mentality of it's branding partner,
Hazardous Sports, based in Chicago.

"Sportsdrink+Bodilyfluids provides an opportunity to develop relationships
with athletes seeking a performance training partner, not just sugar and
water refreshment. This product is a genuine competitor in a competitive
market, fuel and friend", said Hill.

"We hope that all the teams take a moment to visit the hazardousfluids.com website and learn a little more about the product and it's benefits. The more business we can do through the boating teams the more we can get involved with the sport. I hope every team signs up to become a "+Team" member and receive the benefits and discounts - hazardousfluids.com" :D
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