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temp sending unit ground problem

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ok, temp gauge hasnt worked since i purchased the boat and went to replace the sensor since the gauge tested to be ok, while I had the test lite out i figured i would just test the path to ground, I have no Ground at the thermostat housing, which the sensor screws into.. The intake is a good ground, and the cover plate on top along with the bolts are both showing as good grounds, the housing wont complete a ground circuit. their is a gasket between the intake and the housing, and a gasket between the top cover and the housing, so it basically is insulating itself, how should i go by fixing this so my gauge will work? Thanks...
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I just went through this with a customers boat,,,,,, you have the wrong base gasket on the housing,,,, the correct gasket has 2 brass rivets in it to ground the housing to the block.
Thanks for the quick reply, guess i will be back to the parts store tommorrow..
No problem,,, Glad it was that easy
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