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Ok here's a question, didn't Canada Jeff alread have a 288 Sunsation? One with a single 500hp? If so, did he sell his old boat already too?
Just wondering :D

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Well, my wife tried to take a picture as I was pulling the Sunsation up the street to it's new home but it was too dark and the flash wasn't enough. It was a little tight getting the rig turned around in the culde sac but I made it. GOD this thing is even more gorgeous in person than any picture can do justice. I am so happy.

A couple thank you's. Thanks to Jeff and Karen for keeping this thing so clean and beautiful. You guys would not believe how meticulous Jeff and Karen have kept this thing. I wouldn't hesitate to eat off the engine compartment. Mitcher T' - Awesome graphics and the finish is unbelievable. Sunsation for offering such a great looking well built boat. And finally my wife for actually not going ballistic when I told her I seriously wanted to buy this thing.

Holly (my wife) and I went up to Jeff's a couple of weeks ago for a sea trial and I think Jeff can attest that I was all smile from ear to ear. The funny part is Holly was also. Normally she doesn't smile until we are at our destination because we are normally getting beat up by the Chesapeake in our 23' So that was a good feeling to see her having fun.

After the sea trial we stopped over at the Nauti Goose (I think that's the name) for a couple of cold beverages and just chat and I must say that Karen and Jeff are really great people. Holly and I are happy that we got to meet them and look forward to doing some boating together whenever Jeff decides on his next ride.

Well just thought I'd share a little about the experience.......back to work now.:D
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