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Ok Fastboat members ,how cool is this?? Mr. Cig's marina is having a party. I get there and boat parking is pretty maxed out.So Mark comes over and guides me to a slip with a hoist ,and up I go. Then we get out and he makes me and Mrs.1boatnut a cocktail. His wife even told me to keep the glasses our drinks were in.(we didn"t) I ask you-How cool is that?? :cool:

The food there was excellent and the band sounded great.

Mr. Cig---thanks for the invite and hospitality.

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yep,, had a great time !!! Food was great, met alot of great people. Weather was beautiful. Looking forward to the next one !!!

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Thanks guys, It was great to see all of you. We had a great time. Should of stuck around, I think I finally crawled down to the boat about 3:30a.m.

Now its's time for me to look forward to my Ozarks trip.

Hope to see you guys over the weekend.

Thanks again for stopping by.

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