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Red Stripe said:
LMAO You guys are nuts:D :laugher:
No, just bored !

Its cold and rainy, the Ole Miss is running high and the lakes are low, and this board has been a little slow.
Nothing worse than a dry boat that wants to float !
The Bnut has been idled, while F18driver is flying side-saddled.
Jeff and karen have been playing in the bay, while us in the midwest are just waiting for May.

Sorry, a poet I ain't !

:gunner: :oops:


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stuchamp said:

Is the rumor true, Mary Ann (Dawn Wells) will be in Playboy this summer ? :confused:

Oh yeah, MARY ANN, definately ! :D

How about a sandwich:laugher:
I do like your poem though:D
The weather here SUCKS. Rained most of yesterday
(helped my neice move)and today there is about 1000 mph winds.
No matter,no funds to boat anyway.:D
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