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mattyboy said:
thanks Kenny

sorry I missed you and martha

how is the project coming along funny marie and I were looking at the pics and were like who is in the black classic throwing that big rooster?? we both said it at the same time it's Kenny!!!

You guy's sure were missed. Martha kept saying"It's not the same without Matty & Marie". My condloences to your family.
A strong round of applause went out to you for your hard work & contributions from 83 strong at the banquet! Were your ears ringing ? :D
Some of the boy's stepped up to the plate to fill your shoes(pic. below),but it aint't the same without the Mayor in town. :D

My boat is still a work in progress. The strange thing is i like it this way. I'd be bored if it was,just turn a key & go. :laugher:


1 - 20 of 24 Posts