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I fell asleep on the boat Saturday while Karen was driving and as soon as I woke up I took a picture while I was standing behind her. As soon as I took the picture she rolled back the throttles so I had no idea of how fast she was going. Today I was looking through some of the pics I took on saturday and ran across this shot...

boy o boy is she in trouble....



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More Boat Pics

The boat videos are loaded up onto a GeoCities (Yahoo) account. After one person downloads two or three videos, the account locks up and I get a nasty e-mail saying: "monthly bandwidth exceeded". After that, you need to wait 24 hours before that page can be accessed again. It's no big deal, the majority of the site is on Freeservers, and that site never gets overloaded.

Glad to be able to help a fellow Sunsation-er out! I've got the 90 pass setup as a looping screensaver at work. It's always a nice conversation starter.

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