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I sure feel for ya. Im still catching up from the couple times I lost my job. Wish I had some cash I would buy few things ill need this winter.

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Mercruiser Distributor and Spark Box

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f_inscreenname said:
Mercruiser Distributor and Spark Box

This distributor is perfect. It was just un-installed from my boat today. New cap and rotor. Everything inside cleaned and gone over. The spark box is questionable. So I replaced it all with aftermarket. If you need a Mercruiser SEA J1171 distributor it's ready to go and the spark box comes for free.
Price ? [email protected]

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Aqua Meter Instrument Corporation Speedometer.

3 1/4 Inch Gauge Holder

For the dash of your boat or the hood of your car. If you need a place to mount a 4” gauge this is it. A quick sanding and paint job to match what ever you mount it to and you will be all set.

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Due to broken links and updates I'm just going to repost it all. I'm going to clean out some of the garage today so be looking for more updates.

Serious inquiries only with serious offers. All will be considered.
[email protected]
I've bought so many parts over the years they're piling up.
There is no reason that I need three intakes for the same motor. Or look for something for a year, spend more then you should for it and then use it for 5 minutes checking something and then put it on a shelf never to be touched again. The peace of mind was worth it but why keep it?
Now you see why it's time to unload and make some space.
Most everything will come with the weight in the description so you can figure shipping.
So let's get to the shopping.

Boat Parts
MerCruser 888 Outdrive

MerCruser 888.
I bought it for my 19’ Larson that originally came with a Ford 302. It came from a big reputable marine shop in the area. It was advertised “ready to go”. When I got to the shop on a Saturday only the owner was there to meet me. I had it on my truck and was BS’ing with the guy ready to leave when I went to put it gear explaining something and it would not lock. The owner was so embarrassed (I figured someone got fired on Monday) that he opened his shop back up and preceded to rebuild it right in front of me. Around the same time I replaced the 302 with a 351winsor and it worked great with both motors. I only got to use it for one season before I hit submerged object (only the front half of the boat took damage). The boats hull was not worth fixing. The motor is now in a tow truck and I kept the drive but not having a use for it its time to let it go. I am only getting about ½ of what I paid for everything I seem to be selling off lately so I will take $750.00 for it.
This is a pick up thing.

Volvo 280 Transom Shield

A little cleaning and paint and it's ready to go in.

Volvo Penta Yoke

The old style Volvo Penta drive shaft yoke. Not a thing wrong with it. Had to go to a fine spline to match a bellhousing so it is just left over.

14" Steering Wheel

Stainless Steel Destroyer Steering Wheel Made of non-magnetic type 304 stainless steel 13-1/2" diameter, 5 spokes with wood center cap, Wheel has 22º of dish, Fits standard 3/4" tapered shaft helm.
30+ years old and looks as good as new.

4" exhaust tips.

Just took them out of a boat I'm restoring to original. That means small block and back to 3" exhaust so I don't have a use for them and like the other stuff they have to go. They do have one mar on them (in front of the yellow arrow) where it looks like the steering arm may have rubbed them. Just put it on the down side and no one will notice.
They are ready to go.

3 1/4 Inch Gauge Holder

For the dash of your boat or the hood of your car. If you need a place to mount a 4” gauge this is it. A quick sanding and paint job to match what ever you mount it to and you will be all set.

Blue Vector Speedometer

Blue Vector Series - The Vector Series has crisp blue and white graphics on a deep charcoal background, with black bezel speedometer has a 3 5/16" diameter dials and require a 3 13/32" cutout. Ready to go.

Big Block Chevy Stuff

BBC Stock Exhaust Manifolds

A pair of Exhaust Manifolds (Iron Casting) Fits Mercruiser: 330-370 GM 454/502 CID V8 Big Block(1981-Present)
OEM: 807078A6
I got these last year with a closed cooling 454 motor. They were still full of antifreeze when I took them off. I then used them for a month or so in brackish water before I upgraded to a performance exhaust. Flushing after every use. The insides look new and there should be many years use left in them.
Hope you can pick up. 48lbs each w/o box

BBC Head Stud Girdles

Stud girdles will strengthen the weak link in the valve train. While under a tremendous amount of load, the flexing of the studs may cause loss of horsepower or engine failure. Stud girdles require less adjustment of valve lash and provide enhanced rigidity and strength. Requires the use of tall valve covers.
Bought these for the 454 last winter and didn't install them for some reason. Until I do they are ready to go and up for sale.
9lbs with box

Speed-Pro Performance Cam - Chevy 396-502 cid

RPM Range 2000-4800, Adv Dur 296 intake/296 exhaust, Dur @.050 218 intake/218 exhaust, Valve Lift 519 intake/519 exhaust, Lobe C/L 110.
With matching Seal Pro HT-817 lifters, kept in order.
This is a great cam. Almost as good as my "420" cam at a third of the cost. Took it out this spring after maybe 25 hours of use.
It's so new it still has the original box.
Cam 11lbs, Lifters 5lbs in box


Refreshed Chevy 14092360 heads

Big Block Chevy Heads, casting #14092360...86-90...oval...OPEN...454 Truck, "peanut" round ports 14092360, removed from a 1986 Mercruiser MIE340, complete and in good shape.
They also come with Crane 99839-16 valve springs. Chevy Big Block Performance Valve Spring with a 1.086 O.D. Single w/Damper.660" max lift. The springs match the Speed Pro cam listed on this page.
The "tall" valve covers that come with the will cover any rocker.
I also have the matching stock pushrods kept in order that are true and straight.
These heads are in great shape. I used them for a year before I upgraded. If I knew what I was going to get for the money changing them out I would have kept these on the motor. They are that good.

Thermostat Housing Assembly Kit, Mercruiser GM Big Block V8

This is a complete Thermostat Housing Assembly, tee valve assembly and cover for a Mercruiser with a Big Block V8 GM (454/502) Mark IV and Gen V engines.
The mounting holes are 80° from the crankshaft centerline. This item replaces Merc. # 16413A3 & 16413A9.
Also comes with a GLM-13390 Thermostat Kit for Mercruiser V8 Chevy engines with 140 degree thermostat. OEM:807252Q4.
Kit contains: Thermostat (GLM-13030), 4 gaskets (GLM-31460, -31560, -31630, -31670), O-Ring (GLM-82250) and thermostat sleeve.
All is either new or almost perfect short of some paint. Everything you need but the water.
13lbs w/o box

MerCruiser Dipstick Tube Assembly

454/502 BBC GM 8qt oil pan tube and aftermarket dipstick.
I bought this because my MIE 340 motor didn't come with the original and was not sure I had the proper oil level with the aftermarket stick I used.
Spent about a year looking for one. Bought it, checked against what I had (it was right). Kept the original stick in my motor (I like original) and put the after market in the extra tube and put it on a shelf.
It's time for it to find a new home.

Chrysler Small Block

Mallory #2557901 Distributor For 1965-1993, 273, 318 ('67-up), 340, and 360 Chrysler V8s.

Mallory's 25 Series distributor features mechanical advance with heavy duty dual points that increase coil output. It has self lubricating bushings for years of trouble free service, and includes Mallory's super duty cap and rotor with brass terminals.
Very solid and ready to go.

These are all for Volvo Penta outdrives.
(Remember that all Volvo Pentas are reversible)
Each prop weighs 6 to 10 lbs each w/o box

Aluminum 14X23 Left (short shaft)

When I bought this prop it was on a Donzi. It has some normal use on it but is in good shape overall.

Aluminum 16X23 Left (short shaft)

This prop is near perfect except for some paint.
I also don't think you will find another like it. It's the only Volvo prop I have found in this size that's for sure.

Aluminum 14X23 Right (short shaft)

This prop has seen better days but it is sound and would make a good back-up prop

Aluminum 14X16 Left (short shaft)

Another prop that I'm not sure how it became mine.
It is in pretty good shape but does have some minor use on it.

14X23 Ellison racing props. (2) right's and (1) Left (short shaft)
There is only one right hand prop left.

These are a rare find and to have 4 of them is just unheard of.
What we have here is 3 Ellison offshore props. These props would retail for over $700 each and that was many years ago. They have never been touched or reworked in any way. Run them like they are or do what I did below for $100 and have the nicest prop you could ever have on a Volvo. Sadly they all have to go due to not having enough pitch for what I built.

16X26 Left, Ellison racing prop (short shaft)

Almost perfect.
Besides a polishing to make it shinny this prop is ready to go.

15X19 Cupped, Right, Johnson prop (short shaft)

Another great Bronze, Volvo prop.
This prop is in great shape with only some light use. Bolt up and it's ready to go.
14lb w/o box
Serious inquiries only with serious offers. All will be considered.
[email protected]

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Volvo Tilt Control
Lots of good stuff in this box. It’s the black box that sits on the top of the tilt drive with all good circuits inside. Full control harness with factory ends and a couple of motors. One spins freely, one is rough. Condition is unknown.

Volvo Drive Shield Parts
Water pick up tube, Steering bar and universal linkage. All good to go.

454 Throttle Linkage Bracket
Off of a MIE340 Mercruiser. Good as the day it was made.

12' Teleflex Morse 33C Control Cable

33C series cables are primarily used for throttle and shift applications
• Direct replacement for Hardin 33C type cables
• 8" minimum bend radius
• Corrosion resistant ends, rods, and core
• 10/32 male threads on both ends
• Square groove on both ends for cable jacket mounting
• Cable measurement is taken overall length (end to end)
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