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Toggle switches needed

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ok one was screwed up and another gave out tonight anyone got any lighted toggle switches from a 90's Formula or know where to get one?
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no one?
I would check Livorsi or Eddie Marine, should be pretty common
I replaced mine with original equipment that I bought from the original supplier.
Give me till tomorrow to find invoice and I can tell you everything you need to know.

You tell me what AMP rating you need and I can probably even get you the part number.

Livorsi and EM don't have them last time I looked.
6230 N. Beltline RD
STE 320
Irvine TX 75603
ETA 111-P10-G10-WT14-12V-(AMP RATING)

IE: ETA 111-P10-G10-WT14-12V-15A For a 15 amp switch.

Any other questions? :D
Overtons used to sell the red lighted toggles, if thats what your Formula has. Bro-in laws 93 271 SR1 has them. Good luck
thanks guys opie I'll get with them and check Overtons neverenough, thats exactly what I am a 93 271
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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