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July 10, 2002
Tornado or Water Spout
Sinks a Houseboat and Damages Numerous Homes
and Docks on Kentucky Lake.

View the Gallery of Storm Pictures

WOW! Mother Nature never ceases to amaze us. A tornado (or some report it as a water spout) ripped through the Cambridge Shores area of Kentucky Lake in Marshall County, KY. It is really amazing that there were only minor injuries.

A young family from Tampa, Florida with three children were anchored in the middle of Cambridge Shores Bay on a rental houseboat. They had met up with the grandparents, from Clarksville, to vacation on Kentucky Lake and visit friends that have a waterfront home in Cambridge Shores. The family had towed their own ski boat to tie up alongside the rental houseboat. When the storm hit, the boat was anchored well, but the strong winds actually lifted the boat off the water and rolled it upside down. The two parents, three children (the youngest being only 2 years old) and the grandfather were thrown upside down as water began to enter the boat. Confused by the having to walk on the ceiling, the family managed to evacuate the boat and had to swim to shore. Someone was definitely watching over this family!

The houseboat turned itself upright as it sunk to the bottom of the lake. The ski boat also sunk, but had broken lose from the houseboat when it capsized. The family escaped with minor bumps and scrapes but were in pretty good spirits considering their ordeal. Everyone was just grateful to be alive and well. These kids will definitely have a great story to tell about their summer vacation when they return to school!

The damage along the shoreline of Kentucky Lake was quite extensive. There were dozens of trees uprooted, many docks were totally flipped upside down and boats that had been tied to docks were now sunken along the shoreline.

Some lucky folks. Here is the link to the pictures.

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