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Trim won't drop

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I was getting the boat ready and tried to lower the unit and nothing. I can't get it to do any won't make any noise. It doesn't even try and it won't even go up, its like the button has been disconnected. I looked in the resivour and it has fluid, but like I said it not doing anything. I move it from the winter spot to the driveway and it went up then and now its sat for about 3 weeks and now won't go down. Is there a inline fuse that could be bad.
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See if you are getting 12v at the solenoids. Green is the hot wire for down, blue is the hot wire for up. If you have powere there, check the grounds.
If you have a ground but no power at the solenoids, check the switch.
Captian dumbass, yep right here thats me. I went to checn the inline fuse and broke the fuse. Meaning, when I pull part the holder the ends broke and the only thing that came out was the glass tube and the wire. So it seems that the ends are stuck in the holder, so at first I'm like great this is the problem and then I realized that the fuse wan't blown. So I grabbed a pair of needle nose and to pull out the ends and decided to disconnect the battery. Last week I disconnected the battery to pull the plugs, wwwwwwwwwwwweellllllllllll, when I hooked up the battery back up I failed to attach the power wire for the lower unit. :banghead: So when I went to disconnect the battery thats when I realized what I had forgot. So I got the fuse back in, but know that I have to get a new one soon.

I hook'd the battery back up and all is well. :cheers:
Hey I just learned somthing??..
now back to the water batman..
man i hate when i do stuff like that :laugher: we all do it sometime :laugher:
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