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Try Captains Call Thru Prop? Reversion?

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I'm sure this has been discussed 1000 times. I've searched this subject for hours, but maybe someone can give me a different spin than what I found.

I have the Horn and all the flappers to put Captains call in my Formula 271; I do not have the actuall actuators and diverters yet. My engine had signs of water in the exhaust sections of the cylinders/heads with CMI Headers on the boat. The prior owner had injestion problems with the boat (per Serial Number records with Merc) which lead to a performance boat dealer installing the CMI headers verses the installing stock Merc Manifolds. Basically they used Merc warrentee money to install CMI Headers.

Do I dare to put in the silent exhaust system? My application is on semi-Ocean Salt Water conditions. I'd want to bring my boat to a lake which in no question would bust me for a loud exhaust system with it's current configuration.

My current plan is to put the CMI Headers back and look for the clamp on mufflers they sell. Though since I have all the parts from a "Take-off" project, I'd like to see what others might think of trying this setup.
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