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This morning I attended a "Leadership Breakfast". The keynote speaker was Commander Kirk Lippold, USN. He was the Commander of the USS Cole when it was bombed by terrorists in Yemen in 2000.
He spoke for an hour and a half, describing in great detail the incredible story of the attack and the days that followed.
His story was amazing. I listened with great interest, but it wasn`t until he began describing the ship`s final day in the Yemen harbor, being towed to the transport ship, that I got goosebumps.
As the wounded ship was being towed by tugs from the harbor, Lippold requested that all crew members be present on deck as "The Star Spangled Banner" was played over the PA system. After the song ended, the crew was allowed to play any song of their choosing. The next song played was "American Bad ***" by Kid Rock. Lippold ordered that this "crap" be turned off immediately. But then he saw the effect the song had over the crew and allowed it to play to the end.
He wanted to find out who the singer was. When he returned to American soil, Lippold went out and bought his own copy of the Kid Rock CD.
When Kid Rock was told this story by his manager, he broke down in tears. He contacted the navy and volunteered to play a benefit concert for the Cole`s crew and their families. The concert raised over $200,000 for those crew members that were injured or killed in the attack.
This morning, Commader Lippold said that you can have any opinion that you want of Kid Rock and his tattoos and his lifestyle, but he will always regard him as a true American patriot.

Great story. Now, everytime I hear "American Bad ***", I will think of the Cole and the amazing efforts of it`s crew to keep her afloat and bring her back to America.
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