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I thought I would post this here and see what everyone has to think.
Do you guys think there is a need for a “virtual GPS speedometer”? I’ve been playing around at work lately (project going very slow) with the NMEA bus messaging system common in most all GPS receivers. With what I’ve gathered over the Internet, I wrote a neat little program that simulates an analog GPS speedometer. I’ve also included; a trip odometer (I always thought that would be neat to have on a boat), digital readout of speed, knots / mph / km/h selectable, Average speed, Max Speed Recall, three ranges (100 / 140 / 180), needle movement speed, and an option to log and save data collections.

What I am wondering is, will people actually drag a lap top onto their boat and use something like this? I will admit, that while this program looks pretty cool (to me at least), I’m not sure if it’s worth bringing a whole lap top. I guess this could be used to determine acceleration plots with the data logging options.

Let me know if anyone is interested in a free copy of the software (it took me two days to write, I’m not doing this for $$$). I’ll also forward information on how to interface between the GPS and lap top. It’s very simple. Two wires from the GPS spliced into a 9 pin serial cable.

I’ve attached a screen shot of the program panel as well.

Any input is appreciated.


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Cool...:D :D Nice looking screen:bandit: :bandit:

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I think it's a GREAT IDEA!

I wouldn't drag my laptop on the boat, just because of the hassle and fear of damage.

However I tell you of my experiences with a system somewhat like this and how it worked.

When I raced the Ducati I had an on-board telemetry system (made by Pi Systems) that would record all shift points, engine rpm, mph, fork travel, etc (http://www.piresearch.com/product/system-2/index.htm). It saved everything in ram and we would download all the data into a laptop and analyze it. I was fortunate enough to be able to share data with the Ducati Team from Fast By Ferracci and I could compare my data with the data from their "pro" riders. I knew the difference in corner speeds, shift points, etc and it would always help my laptimes to know I could brake a little later in spots, carry more speeds into certain corners, etc on a track.

Therefore what this is all leading up to is that I think it would be kick-ass if you could find a portable data storage unit that could save the data for later upload and analysis on a laptop. I am sure the race teams would be very interested (assuming they did not already have such a system).

my .02 - hope it helps.

- jeff

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Hey, If you can make that thing look like my boat is going 90+, I'll buy anything :D :laugher:
Serously, Sounds like a neat program. My Lowrance GPS has a data cable already for downloading software into the GPS from the computer. Would this software be able to utilize this connection?

Jeff has added a neat little twist to this too. Great Idea!!
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