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Waaay too RICH - Need Advice

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First big weekend out with the Chappy I bought this winter and noticed a few things.

-Starts pretty easy when cold, but has a very strong gas smell until fully warm. Slight white smoke haze as well coming from exhaust.

- Once warm its a PITA to start again. Usually have to hold it wide open and crank for 10+ seconds.

- We just bought a place on a lake which it will be used 90% percent of the time which is at 2500'. The boat was purchased in Seattle so I assume its been setup for sea level.

My buddy who is more mechanically inclined thinks its just jetted too rich. I'm decent with a wrench, but clueless when it comes to carb adjustments. Is there a standard jet kit that I should be looking for? I'm not trying to eek every MPH out it it, I just want it to start easily and get decent economy without sacrificing reliability. If it makes a difference, the other lake we live by is at 1600' and would only see a few trips out on a season.

My local marine mechanic would only have access to the 1600' lake for multiple trial and error runs, so I'd like to get this as close as possible so when I moor it in a couple weeks I won't have to deal with it again. Or am I better off finding a mechanic who can take it out for an afternoon up at our vacation place to tinker with it?

Stock '95 454 Carb.
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What carb is on it?
The Quadrajet is prone to the fuel "boiling" out and flooding the intake with raw fuel after the engine is warmed up and then shut down. So it might be OK just as is.

The choke might be set too rich and needs a slight adjustment.

Remove the flame arrestor and look at the choke when the water temp is almost at "normal' reading.
It should be wide open.
Also look at the intake manifold in the area around the carb when the motor is running. Is it wet with fuel?

If so the float might be "old" and need replacing. Quadrajet carbs were known for floats getting "waterlogged" and sitting lower than they should.

We're supposed to have clear skies this weekend, I'll try to take her for a spin and take a closer look at those things.
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