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Water in the gas tank. Need Help

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A buddy of mine works for a fuel company and has a paste that you dip in your fuel tank to check for water (boat has been cutting out when getting out of the water). What's the best way to gain entry into your fuel tank? Thanks.
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did you try to siphon it out through the fill ?

I've seen people get an electric fuel pump and run a hose down the fuel fill and pump it out.
Access is best acheived by removing the fuel level sender. It should be a round piece with 6-8 screws around the outside. Remove the screws and lift out the sender. You might want to replace the gasket while you have it apart.
Thanks for the info! I'm going to check to see if there is water in the tank first using a gel than a buddy of mine gave me, then pump if necessary.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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