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WEATHER sucks! Boating is at a halt!

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Well, all this rain and flooding has pretty much ended the boating for at least till July it seems. I have only put my boat in the water once and enjoyed the whole weekend two weeks ago. Now can't even access the lake due to it is pretty much at it's max and there are no ramps now. Only way to get on the lake is if you have a boat in the marina docks. Hell the marina is totally flooded out except where you turn in.

Hope you got more boating in than I Crowning around!
BTW, I saw you pull into the marina Sunday the 1st, but you took off before I could get over there to say hi. I think you were dropping some guy off.
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My lil' lake is up a few "s, but that just makes it easier for me to get in and out of my lift. The storms don't help ANYTHING though
MSU, I'm just asking if you can you the mississippi as a way to keep the boat in the water.
Mississippi is shut down to traffic for 250 miles last I heard. I'm sure someone from over there can comment on this.

Here is our marina. Gonna be just shy of a 1ft from 93 floods

I have never seen it this high. That is the top of the ramp. There are 3 car lots to right under water
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Sounds like it is time for a vacation to me. Trailer the boat to where it can be used and enjoyed. I had this same experience years ago when I used to live outside Chicago.
Well at least we are heading down to the Ozarks in July.
I have to smile when reading blogs like this. The Gulf of Mexico is one body of water that I am sure will not close unless we have another fun hurricane season.
Ok, so I wont complain about all the windy wheather we have been having around lake erie. :)
Look at all that debris that is gonna be floating around that lake for awhile! :shocked:
Sorry to hear about your situation, and I hope conditions improve soon. We've had a beautiful week here... perfect for boating, but we have to work! :(
Yep, we saw you pulling in that morning. We were tied up to our buddy's houseboat. You must have stayed in teh cove? We cruised through there earlier, but I didn't see ya. After I got tied up the night before, I wasn't in any condition to be driving around. :rolleyes:

We'll be heading to Red Rock, and Rathbun till Saylorville gets back to normal, or close to normal anyway.
Yeah we were in the cove that night and morning and afternoon. Just stopping in to get breakfast.

Isn't Red Rock going to be out of control?????

Well it seems that the marina ramp is the only one open down there. Good luck, I'm just taking a break and working on the boat till this all passes over.
yea red rock is high too. I havn't seen it for awhile.

I am going boating somewhere the week of the 21st. Probably going to Rathbun, and staying there for the weekend. Had a commitment last weekend, and this weekend I'm in a wedding, so I have to get the boat wet next weekend.

Those Pictures are crazy.
These pictures might help put it into perspective.

Bridge at normal water level


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dang and i tagged the bridge that day you saw me. Now I wished I could get back out there to put my name by BIG EARLS.. LOL
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