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Right now all systems are "GO" for an upgrade this evening.
Basically the upgrade involves moving to a new (my own) server instead of a hosted solution. The hosted solution has worked out pretty well although it does put limitations on some of the things I want to do with the forum and if you know me you know I hate taking NO for an answer.

In any event, I am currently planning on shutting down the board from 8 PM till 9 PM EST this evening.

There is a high possibility that after switching to the new server that you will have to log-in the first time you visit, so have your passwords handy.

In addition there is also a possibility based on your browser setting that some avatars and images will not display in the posts. This is easily corrected by:
1) Selecting "Tools" on the menu bar of your Microsoft Internet Explorer browser
2) then clicking on the "Internet Options" button that appears in the drop down window.
3) In the middle section of the menu that appears is a section entitled: "Temporary Internet Files".
4) In that section click on the button that says "delete files".
5) Close your browser and re-open it and everything should display properly.
6) If another box appears with a question that asks "Delete all Offline Content also?" - check that box and then click then click "OK".

The root cause of this is that Internet Explorer likes to save images on your computer that are displayed often (such as avatars and pictures in posts you previously viewed). This is done to speed up displaying of graphics. However Internet Explorer does a rotten job of checking where those images came from since it only looks at the name of the images, not the server that they came from. Since the images are coming from a new server your may experience this problem, but like I said: it's easily corrected if you follow the steps above.

You'll notice that the new server has a spell checker and a section in your profile where you can enter the type of boat you own and it will appear in all of your posts along with other information that is currently displayed.

You'll also notice that the http:// on the address bar of your Browser will not say speedwake.com and instead will have some numbers there. Don't worry about this because it takes a couple of days for the website name to propogate throughout all the servers on the Internet that control turning names (like speedwake.com) into addresses that computers can understand.

Please email me if you have any questions or problems after we make the switch. The new site has been very well tested over the last few weeks and I'm my own biggest critic so I know it will be a smooth transition.


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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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