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Wow what a great weekend of boating, temps, where 104 on Friday and 95 to 100 the rest of the weekend.
Sorry OB it was just to hot and had to break down and go Jet skiing!
On the down side there was a boating accident at the camp ground we stay at, an older man had just launched his boat and was backing out and then put the throttle in forward. The man then appeared to be having some trouble putting the boat in gear and the boat shot forward (full throttle ) and slammed into a ski boat with 4 small kids in the bow, an adult that was in the boat saw this boat coming and was able to knock the kids down the boat came up and over the bow hitting the windshield, the driver then put the boat in reverse hitting the dock and then back forward hitting the boat again! When the boat finnaly got stopped he had managed to hit the boat and dock six to eight times. The ski boat that got hit had a arch that stopped the boat from completing coming into the boat! One little girl got cut from broken glass but thank goodness know one was hurt seriously!!
The older man has Parkinson disease and that seems to have played a part in this accident!
The guy who owned the ski boat had just got to the camp site and was so mad after the police left packed up and left! Sad thing was he had come over with a group of about 20 kids!
Well least know one was hurt badly!

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Well,we had a picture perfect weekend here too!! Temp around 90 degrees and a 1 ft chop on the water Sunday.Ahhhhh I love boating:)

Too bad about the accident at the campgrounds. Man I hate to say it,but seems like excessive accidents so far this year.
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