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Thanks for the welcome! :D I see there are quite a few familiar names here. I like all the cool options we have to play with. Hopefully we don’t need the ignore feature here.

I see what you mean. Cool site! I see you’re the post Ho here.

Mr. Cig,
We are launching out of Alsip around 11:00. Yes my better half is going out for the second weekend in a row.:D :D :D We will probably run the Indiana shore. Just going to play it by ear. We may catch a late lunch at Bridges in Michigan City. What time is the poker run taking off next weekend? See you out there.

Are you and the better half going out this weekend? What are we going to do without the Parakeet Hunter for entertainment? :confused: :gunner: Have you seen that picture yet? I think the better half and me will continue where we left off last weekend.:evil: :D

See you guys out there.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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