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wet sanding-get more aggressive?

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hey guys, well I started my wetsanding project and while I'm getting some oxidation out I'm not sure If I'm cutting deep enough. I'm starting with an 800 grit and while its removing some, I'm noticing there's some left behind no matter how much I sand. also I'm getting this goofy weave pattern showing up in the paint, is that the fibers in the glass showing through? :confused: or is this as far as I need to go before I can move up papers and then start to polish?

I'm worried if I go any deeper I'll start to go through the paint. hardly even made a dent where the licence used to be. any advice from the experts, or people who've done this before?
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Are you doing this by hand? Or are you using a system like 3m's Hookit where you use high speed DA sander with 1200,1500 or 2000 grit paper.

I used to wet sand, now I use the 3m system. Of course i've only done this right after painting, but I'm sure it could be used years after paint has cured. Do a search for it, way easier than hand sanding.
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