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Hey Dag,

That is a very nice looking boat! Good Luck with it.
I am so glad to find some other Sun Runner owners on a forum. We bought, what is registered as a 1986 310SB, but it doesnt match any 1986 Sun Runner, let alone a 310. So we are finishing up the outdrive replacements today. Water tested the port side and it fired up ok. Water pumping fine and shifts ok. Starboard side starter dead. Replacing today and hope to get her in the water this week. See pictures below. I have manuals for the AQ260/290A single prop out drives. the original owners manual, wiring diagram, etc. If anyone needs something, let me know.

Please, all of the above and most important the manual or anything that can help me disect the boat from electric to plumbing would be great. Please let me know I cannot find anything anywhere.
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