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Who has the best deals on Mercruiser parts..?

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I need a bellhousing assembly for my Bravo 1 drive. I need Mercruiser part# 41646A7 they retail for $400.80 at my local Mercruiser dealer.... hoping to get it cheaper any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You can check mercs web site for refurbished parts. Might save you a little there.
You can always google the part name and see what comes up.
Ebay, I have not found anyone cheaper. I bought a OEM water pump kit with housing and inpeller and all orings and gaskets for 17.95..

Beat that!
I bought parts from this company this morning. I received a shipment confirmation this afternoon they were already shipped. So - my first experience is a good one.

BAM has it for $358

Not sure if shipping would make it a wash with your dealer
Sterndrive Specialties out near Syracuse NY has it for 325.00 so I am going to go with them.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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