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Who's not boating this Memorial day?

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Spent most of saturday waxing up the boat and getting everything ready and filled the tank up for 210.00 and can't go boating today.

62 and friggin raining.Boy this sucks :unhappy1:
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We tried but to many bugs and came back but then motors would not restart. Beleive it or not both would not restart. So we may try it later.
Waiting on my second motor to be installed in my boat.

Motor broke last 4th of July and it took untill late October to get the boat back had one run and the boat still didn't run well. Winterized it and mid April I took it out for a test run and the motor tore up two pistons. Waiting on motor #2. :angry1:
I was wondering what happened to you SOX! Sorry to hear about the new motor. I'm doing the other Memorial Day tradition and BBQing. I have a brisket and 5 racks of ribs cooking for this afternoon. Margaritas, Mohitos, Beer and Wine. :bigsmile:

The boat will have to wait... :shocked:
I went out on Saturday. We cooked 9 racks of ribs and two full chickens on the smoker yesterday, Today I need to find my truck keys.
I went boating yesterday. Today I'm hangin in the back yard in the pool.
engine is not in yet and I need to redo the exhaust. :dead:


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Got back this morning around 10. Spent Saturday rafted, last night at the Chesapeake Inn.

Nice weekend, a little windy coming back in though. I couldn't pump out thanks to some fools bass fishing around the ramp, just couldn't commit to trying to spin it around in such a tight spot with the wind and all.
Oh well, beautiful weekend, GREAT weather,.............................. look like a lobster now for a while :angry1:
Today I need to find my truck keys.

:laugher: :laugher: :laugher:
I was out all day yesterday, recovering from sunburn and empty pockets today!
nope :rolleyes:
I spent last night from about 7-10PM down off of Cleveland. L. Erie was like a Pond.
Still getting things together on the boat, and waiting for the mechanic to get a few things done (been waiting on him for 2 weeks).

Anyway I worked on the boat today. Got the rest of the new rubrail installed, and got the bottom cleaned up as it had a nasty river stain on it.

So hopefully I will get the boat back from the mechanic this week. Then I have to get the new dash panels put in, and wire up all the new gauges and switches. Then clean the cockpit from all the work dust in it. Then reinstall the back seat and engine hatch. Then just put the stereo system back together and I should be ready to go.

I think I am going to have to wait on getting my graphics done for now, as the wifes car blew up this week. SO we have to wait and see what that is going to cost before the graphics.
First day without rain so I could cut off the shrink wrap!

I know there's a boat in here somewhere! :blush:


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went to P-nut island today, I wanted to stay home and relax, but the wife talked me into it :D
Went Thur-Sat. Back home Sun morning bright and early. :mad:

Whoever plans graduation parties on holiday weekends obviously ain't a boater. Ought to be a law against that kinda cruelty. ;)
no boating at all yet. I still need to renew my registration and clean it all up.
Boat Shopping said:
I was wondering what happened to you SOX! Sorry to hear about the new motor.
Thanks, Sometimes it is tough to stay positive. I have had many set backs over the past two years. I know things will get better. Hopefully this time next year I'm sporting a new ride. Time will tell.

Take care,

ghart said:
First day without rain so I could cut off the shrink wrap!

I know there's a boat in here somewhere! :blush:
:laugher: :laugher: nice photo ghart :laugher: :laugher:
rode in other peoples boat since mine is still down one motor
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