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that is the stratosphere http://www.stratospherehotel.com/

I live out there for 10years and know the history of that tower long before it was the stratosphere
(Bob Stupak's Vegas World )

Funny how news like this can disappear with enough money.

Stupak announced his plans to build the world's tallest observation tower. He figured it would cost $50 million to build a 1600 foot tower. My degrees are in civil engineering and his plan of building a tower that tall out of reinforced concrete in a mild earthquake zone sounded dangerous to me. To save money, Stupak announced he would serve as his own general contractor

Shortly into construction, Stupak had to stop because one of the three tower legs was crooked. It still is. If you look, you can see where one leg has a straight segment in it, about 50 feet up. This was put in to correct the early mistake

tupak fired himself as general contractor. He ran out of money many times and had to halt construction.

The fate of the Tower was in question in my mind and many others. It was now obvious that Stupak could not build a giant tower for $50 million, at least not a safe one


1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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