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Very interested in moving up to a 28 Excel Scarab in addition to my 21. Does anyone know of any 28 Excel's for sale? I'd really like one that is almost turn key with only a little cosmetic work needed. Mechanics I'm not good at but I'm going to redue the front seats in the interior and new paint so cosmetically I'm not that worried if it's a little rough.

The big thing I'm looking for is one with an arch. I'm going to try to get a friend of mine's old boat but if that doesn't work I'd like to find some other ones. Any leads would be great. Post pics if you have them.

BTW, I know that there's one in the OSO classifieds but I'm not a big fan of the red interior, just too red for me.

Thanks in advance

Like this boat:

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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